Dr. John R Rifkin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Boulder, Colorado
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Boulder Therapist/Psychotherapist, John R. Rifkin, Ph.D.

"John Rifkin is the best counselor I have ever had the oppertunity to work with. He is very kind, understanding and will to do what it takes to help you regain your life."

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Dr. Rifkin has over thirty years of private practice experience specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, relationships, marriage counseling, family counseling, couples therapy, anger, fear, trauma, addictions, substance abuse, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder and individual counseling.

His compasionate approach allows you to feel comfortable being yourself. You'll receive highly-skilled counseling that helps you take real actionable steps towards improving your life. Don't wait for things to get better on thier own, its time to make a committment to changing your patterns and behaviors to improve your quality of life, today.

Contact Dr. Rifkin at 303.442.8652 or send him an email for a FREE initial phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Rifkin also lectures on a wide variety of mental health topics, including issues relating to anger, power, and intimacy. Contact him to inquire about lectures or speaking engagements.

Dr. Rifkin is an honored recipient of the Colorado Psychological Association's President's Special Award for Service. Dr. Rifkin served as the Chair of the Committee on Professional Practice for the Colorado Psychological Association. Dr. Rifkin served on the Association's Board of Directors.

He is featured in a series of educational videos that focus on mental health issues, including ANGER'S POWER TO HEAL: RELATIONSHIPS. He hosted the mental health outreach television show "Emotional Success" on cable in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Dr. Rifkin also published the groundbreaking book on anger, the Healing Power of Anger.