Dr. John R Rifkin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Boulder, Colorado
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Testimonals for Dr. John Rifkin

Individual Counseling in Boulder, Colorado
John Rifkin is a wonderful counselor for any personal changes you might wish to make. He's highly intelligent, yet unassuming in nature. His wealth of knowledge and life experiences give him the capacity to offer his clients the courage it takes to ask the more difficult questions in life. He's also a great guide in uncovering the questions that need to be asked. (Yahoo Reviewer)

John Rifkin is the best counselor I have ever had the oppertunity to work with. He is very kind understanding and will to do what it takes to help you regain your life.
(Yahoo Reviewer)

Review's of Dr. Rifkin's Book, "The Healing Power of Anger."
"John Rifkin, a gifted psychotherapist, tells us how we can lead happier lives not by stifling our anger but rather by using it constructively. In his straight forward, down-to-earth style, he shares with us easy-to-learn techniques for achieving greater emotional well-being."

- Evelyn Bassoff, Ph.D. author of: "Mothers and Daughters: Loving and Letting Go," "Mothering Ourselves: Help and Healing for Adult Daughters," "Between Mothers and Sons: The Making of Vital and Loving Men," and "Cherishing Our Daughters: How Parents Can Raise Girls to Become Confident Women."

"Dr. Rifkin's groundbreaking book guides readers along a clear pathway to emotional health. His original insights into anger's power to energize the healing process provide a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of psychotherapy. When anger is bent into destructiveness, he shows how to unbend it into mental health. Every patient, person considering therapy or therapist can benefit from his clarity, insights and clear steps to emotional health."

- Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D. President of the Boulder Psychotherapists Guild and the Chair of the Board of the Colorado Patient Advocates